Bird Talk

This morning, Class Joseph had a very special visitor, Mr. Hall (my dad!). As we are currently doing lots of wildlife work, he came in to talk to the children about what he does for wildlife. Being a keen bird watcher/ringer, he came in to talk to the children about lots of different birds, their feathers, feeding habits etc.

During the talk, the children were able to go on to the field and put what they had learnt into action – listening and looking out for different species on the field. Whilst on the field, we were able to see swallows, pigeons, doves, nuthatches, house martins and we even managed to spot a treecreeper!

We have placed some bird feeders up on the field and hope to see lots more species over the last few days of this term and on into the future. I wonder what birds you could spot over the summer in your garden/on a walk/on holiday etc?


Manchester Museum Trip

It seems like a long time ago that we went on our trip, but here is some pictures of our adventure! The children made me very proud on the trip. They were respectful, polite and showed LOADS of Egyptian knowledge. The staff at the museum were very impressed. We had a great day!

Super Science

On Tuesday, some children from year four were invited to Daven School for the opening of their brand new Phiz Lab and Stem Hub. The children were able to test out all of the Science equipment, conducting their own experiments and then were able to watch a Science show which was put on by The Royal Institute. The children had a great time! 

Feed The Birds

On Friday, Class Joseph made some delicious bird kebabs – containing apple, raisins, bread and cheese. We also made some apple bird feeders, which involved us filling apples with sunflower seeds and creating perches for the birds to sit on whilst they eat their tasty snacks. We then hung them in different areas around school: on the playground, in the sensory garden and on the field.

Today, we have been back to where we hung the kebabs and feeders and were very pleased to see that all that was left was the wire, sticks and string that were used; all of the food had gone! Here are some pictures of our creations. This is something that you might like to try at home. It’s really quick and easy and I’m sure the children would be able to explain how they were made. 🌳🐤🍏🧀

Islamic Artefacts

Last Thursday, Class Joseph and Class Jacob were joined by a very lovely gentleman named Imran. He came in to show us some Islamic artefacts and to discuss their purpose in the Islamic faith. The children really enjoyed the session and everyone got stuck in to the tasks! Here are some pictures from the session.

Mummifying Mummies

Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to Parents’ Morning today. We all had lots of fun. A special thank you needs to be said to the parents that “volunteered” to be mummified! I hope you all have a lovely and safe half term. 😊IMG_1538IMG_1539IMG_1541IMG_1542IMG_1548

The Science of Sound

The Year 4s have become TV presenters this week, presenting “The Science of Sound.” In their TV shows, they talked about how Sound is created and how it travels to our brains. I’m very proud of them all and I can definitely see some budding actors/actresses in Class Joseph!

World Book Day

There have been some fantastic costumes worn today for World Book Day. Thank you for all of your support and effort! I’ve been made to feel very old, as the children have looked at me (dressed as Wednesday Addams) and didn’t have a clue who I was 😮. 

Here’s a picture of our class today. Never mind Where’s Wally… can you spot Odlaw (the Where’s Wally baddy)?? 🔍